Yesterday, I walked into Jack's room just to look around, which I do at least once a day, just to check things out and get excited, and decided that today was the day to hang things on the wall! I've been nervous, but then again, sometimes you just have to take the plunge and get started.

This adorable diaper pin is huge, like 2.5 feet long, and it looks so cute by the changing table! My wonderful friends from school gave me this, and I love having it to hang on the wall. I really love that they contributed to decorating Jack's room! The distressed look is just perfect and it is so crafty looking, which is perfect!

It was also time to bite the bullet and just hang the pictures that I've had for months now. Just like the design shows tell me, I laid out all of the pictures on the floor and did my best to arrange them! I've had the ABC cross stitch and the All God's Animals needle work and the "You are so loved" ready to go for a while, but hanging just 3 pictures wasn't working for me. Jeff's mom found an adorable owl needle work that she did when she was in college and passed it down to me. It was in a pretty old frame with the "no glare" glass that had yellowed, so it needed a little help in the framing department. Now, when I'm determined to do something, I will do it, right then. I guess my options were to jump in the car and go to WalMart or something, or find something around the house. I'm pretty good at making things work, so I go on a scouting mission around the house. SURELY there is a frame that will work around here somewhere!

For those of you who have been to the house, you will probably be familiar with what I like to call "the hall to nowhere." It's a hallway that is, in my opinion, completely unnecessary to the flow of the house. There is not a room on the hallway that isn't accessed by another hallway or door! It is truly useless. Anyways, when we moved it, I just made a type of gallery, using all of the picture frames we received as wedding gifts with engagement and wedding pictures. Few people ever see them, fewer people will notice if one of the pictures and frames went missing....found my frame for the owl! :)

Now I have 4 pictures. I can hear my mom's words "never hang an even number of pictures and never plant an even number of plants" playing in my head, so again, I think, SURELY there's something else around here somewhere that I can hang on the wall in this group! Again, I go looking. And sure enough, sitting right there in Jack's bookcase, I found it! A friend from school gave me these adorable alphabet cards with amazing art work to go with each letter. Well, there was the owl right on top of the pile! Perfect! This sends me on another frame search. One missing picture in the gallery isn't too noticeable, but two? People might wonder. It's then that I remember my stash of colored frames that was hung in the house I lived in before Jeff and I got married! And, believe it or not, one actually fits! Never mind that it has no back and that I had to tape a Pottery Barn catalog to the back of it to keep the owl in place! Nobody will know that! :)

It takes a while, and I'm still not sold on it, but a few nail holes later, here's what I came up with. Except since I took the picture yesterday, the two frames on the left have been switched. I just couldn't I have two owl pictures on the same level! How dare I! I'm thinking there is still a little re-arranging to do, but I'm having issues. I don't really want the two matching frames together, but then again, I don't want all of the needle work to be on one side or both of the owls to be on the same side...oh the decisions! For now, they'll stay where they are, and I'll double think it each time I walk in Jack's room...I've already re-thought it today. Maybe the "You are so loved" print needs to be in a colorful frame...I think I'll try that tomorrow.