What Jack's Up To

I feel like I haven't written much about being pregnant...I get caught up in the things that I'm doing to get ready and wanting to share that kind of stuff, I forget about what's going on with me! I'd love to one day print this blog out as a keepsake...and at that point, I doubt I'll care how I made an owl onesie...

So, last night I had nachos. We went to Yucatan Taco Stand (if you live in Fort Worth and haven't been, you need to go) which is so yummy, and I ordered my favorite, the nachos. The nachos here are not what you're picturing restaurant nachos to be. It's a huge (literally, huge) pile of chips with white queso, white cheddar, some garlic cilantro sauce, tomatoes, finely chopped jalapenos, lettuce, purple cabbage, and either chicken or beef. And on top, they pile a huge pile or guac and sour cream. I found a picture! Told you they were big!
As you can imagine, it's delish! And more than enough to share. Needless to say, I ate too much, but I'm pregnant! I can do that, right?!? As I was feasting on all things good, I could tell I was going to regret it...I was already getting a little bit of indigestion...but pushed that to the back of my prego mind and forged ahead. Indigestion in pregnancy is like nothing I've experienced before. In fact, before being pregnant, I don't think I'd ever gotten indigestion before! I regretted those nachos for about 24 hours after eating them...it's ridiculous! I had Tums when I got home, Tums in the middle of the night, Tums when I woke up...all told, probably consumed about 15 Tums! Out of control. I shouldn't blame the nachos alone...the night before, I had lasagna, which probably didn't help set the stage!

It's been amazing to see how God created my body to do this, to carry this baby. Things happen that seem so crazy, yet my body is fully equipped (with a few Tums to help it out) to do this! My skin is literally stretching. My organs are all crazy funky in there somehow, and there is a 5 pound alien growing inside of me! How could you do this and not be amazed. God is good.

Jack is so smushed up in there right now (the reason for my monstrous indigestion), that when I feel him move, I know that in a second, the indigestion will be worse. Or I'll be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom like a racehorse! I jump off the couch, run to the bathroom, and it's like I barely have to go at all. He knows the targets, I swear.
He's so cramped in there that he doesn't really "kick" anymore, he just kinda rolls around. Sometimes my bump is even lopsided when he picks a side and sticks to it! Especially in the morning when I get out of bed. It's totally lopsided!

I try to picture how he's in there...at our last appointment, we had a sonogram and she said that his head was down. With not much room in there to move around, I'm assuming his head is still down. So now I try to think, "if he's moving right there, it must be his arm" and things like that. I think that sometimes he's tired of being so cramped (if he's like his mama, he doesn't like to be restricted!) and tries to stretch out his legs...which makes his little bottom poke out of my bump! Who knows what's really going on in there, but that's what I imagine. He's also been getting the hic-ups a lot! I usually feel them the most in the middle of the night, when I wake up to take my Tums or run to the bathroom, or just to roll over. At this point, I literally have to grunt to roll over or get up off the couch. I can't imagine what it will be like in 5 more weeks!

Five weeks? That's all? I was telling some friends this weekend when they asked if I was ready...heck no! That's scary! What am I supposed to do with him when he comes out? Sure, I've taken the baby care class, and I know to feed him, bathe him etc, but really, what do I do with him!?! Other than just try my best to keep him alive. I can be pregnant, I've got that part down. No big deal. I can handle a little indigestion, grunting to roll over or just get up, swollen hands and feet, getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and being crazy tired...but once that baby comes out, oh my goodness! Ya'll better pray for me!


Kristi said...

I want those nachos right now. Love this post. I sent it to my friend that is due 10 days after you. I KNOW she can relate!