Is it sad that I take my time choosing which onesie Jack will wear to the doctors office? It's one of the very few places the little one has frequented in his 16 days of life! And if I take my time picking out his onesie for the doctor (who couldn't care less what he's wearing...in fact, as soon as I walk in, the nurse tells me to strip him down to his diaper), just imagine what it's like choosing one for him to wear to church where people might actually see his cute outfit!

Do boys have "outfits"? Especially if it's just a onesie?


Anonymous said...

maarten gets really mad when i call his clothes "outfits". haha...so of course i do it on purpose! that picture of him in the swing is precious..let me know what day is good for you for sour cream enchiladas and i'll come over and trade them for a squeeze on that baby!