Jack's First Halloween

Aunt Alison and Uncle Andy got Jack this cute little first Halloween onesie.

Gotta love the hat!

These two are my favorite...I was sitting on the couch and this pumpkin was on the coffee table. I thought to myself, "I wonder if Jack would fit in that?"

Sure enough!

Yes, he's screaming...but that's what Halloween's all about, right? :)

And last but not least, Jack was a lobster for Halloween and he even won best costume at a party we went to! Jeff wore a shirt that said "Lobster Fisherman" and I wore one that said "Lobster Fisherwoman". Hehe.

And PS, the reason it still has the tag on it is because I was just trying it on to see if it fit. In true Molly and Jeff style, we have no pictures of Jack in it on Halloween or of the 3 of us. Really?