Now, quiet down, cobwebs...

Now, quiet down, cobwebs
Dust, go back to sleep
I'm rockin' my baby and babies don't keep.

My mother-in-law gave me this poem at one of my showers this summer, and as I sat rocking Jack last night, it popped in my head. Could be that Jack was sleeping last week when Gwen was here so she didn't get to clean his room, but really, it just hit me how sweet and true it is. The only thing I've cleaned in the past 2 months are the bottles we need to get us through the day.

Jack is a stellar sleeper. He should win an award, seriously. Most nights, after our night time routine, I put him in his bed, kiss him one more time, and walk out the door and.............he goes to sleep! Rarely is there a night where he needs any type of coaxing to drift off to dream land.

Last night we went to dinner with some dear friends, so his little routine was slightly off and it ended up being a night where he needed a little rocking. As I sat there in my chair, holding my sweet swaddled nut, smelling the dried spit up in his hair, I couldn't help but think how I would miss this. There will be a time, and soon, when he doesn't want to be swaddled, wouldn't dream of me rocking him, and smells more like nasty boy than baby spit up. It almost made me cry.

It made me remember to cherish these time, even the tough days, and hug him a little tighter and longer, and love him more than is necessary, just because I can. Once he was asleep, I laid him down in his bed, took one last glance at my little swaddled nut, and went to tuck Jeff in to bed (yes, they go to sleep at the same time) and we talked about how we would miss these times and how great a baby Jack is.

So, cleaning be danged. If it weren't for Gwen, our house would be in even more complete disarray than it already is! It's not hard to imagine that something could come between me and cleaning the house...but I don't think I expected to love him this much, or want, more than anything, just to be with him or do things for him. God is so good, so sweet to allow us to experience the love of being a parent. Just a
little glimpse into how much he loves me.


ally007 said...

love the title of your post, and i love love love your post. thanks for sharing =) oh, and of course you tuck them both in around the same time!

Molly said...

Well, I love you and loved having dinner last night! Glad to introduce you to the papoosa! :) I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday and will be praying for you with all the finishing details and prep.