The "Weight" is Over!

Took Jack to the doctor on Friday for his weigh in...I'd been thinking he looked like he'd chubbed up, but then again, was I just being hopeful? The boy has been downing his bottles like nobody's business. Probably thinking that after starving for the first half of his life, he'd better take advantage of this manna from the bottle before it ends! I literally think that if I would have put 20 oz in his bottle, he would have downed the whole thing.

So, we get there, put him on the scale...10 lbs 5 oz! That's almost a pound in a week! I may be a lousy breastfeeder but man, am I good at mixing those bottles.

After such a successful trip to the doctor, mom and I headed to Babies R Us to reward Jack for all of his eating this week with this super fun play mat. He loves it! And even the dreaded tummy time is more fun on this mat! It sings songs, and lights up and has toys and mirrors and he loves it.


Candy said...

We had that same play mat. The boys loved it and I remember thinking when they were about 3 months old that it was worth just about any price. Thankfully it came from my sister and her 2 kids first, it has now been used by my nephew and soon Jeff and Cristy's twin boys.

Molly said...

He does love it! Thankfully, Grandma picked up the tab on it, but you're right, worth any price! Hope you guys are doing well, Candy!!