Babyfood Fail!

Jack is 8 months now....8 months!  I can't believe it. 

Anyways, I've read at 8 months, babies can start eating meat.  Now, meat has a much tougher texture than other fruits and veggies they've been eating, so you have to either buy it in the jar (oh-em-gee, no thank you...that's like dogfood, ya'll!) or make your own chicken baby food.  I'm always up for a challenge, and really, how hard can it be, let's do it! 

So, like any doting mother would do, I went to Target, picked up some organic chicken, came home, boiled it up, put it in the food processor with some sweet potatoes and a little broth, and served it up!

And....Jack thought it was disgusting.  He gagged.  He even threw it up!  He was having no part in all.  I smelled smelled like chicken and sweet potatoes, not like something that should make someone barf up their noodles!  We kept trying....he started gagging as soon as the spoon full of the medley came remotely close to his mouth. 

Ok, fine.  I give up. 

No chicken for YOU!


Beth Wooten said...

What, no video?

Molly said...

too busy wiping up nasty.

Sara said...

There will be many more days of gagging and throwing up to come. I'm just warning you. DO NOT GIVE UP. No matter how much gagging and throwing up there is. One day it just clicks and they understand what eating is all about.