Family Reunion

This weekend, we headed back to Palestine for a little family reunion on my dad's side.  My great uncle and his wife passed away in the past year or so, and the family hosted a memorial service this weekend.  It was good to see cousins that I'd never met before!  Cousins from Oregon, Hawaii, Vegas, Montana...what a fun time. 

We spent a lot of the weekend out at the lake and it was Jack's first lake water experience!  We were totally prepared. 

 Speedo?  Check!

Floatie?  Check!

Daddy?  Check!

Pool in case the lake isn't a hit?  Check!

Mommy to help dry off?  Check!

Grandpa?  Check!
(notice Jack throwing his gang sign in the bottom right pic)

High chair that my 35 year old cousin used when he was a baby and was passed down to me and my sister and now lives at the lake? Check!

Family picture?  Check!

Hangin' trailer park style with Grandpa and Barbara?  Check!

It really was a fun weekend.  We laughed a lot, ate a lot, played a lot...and Jack stayed in his new "bedroom" at Grandpa's house.
Yes, that's the pack n' play in the bathroom.  Jack is too noisy to sleep in the same room!  He tosses and turns, moans and groans...and I must say, he slept very soundly in the bathroom!  And we slept pretty darn soundly in the bedroom next door. 

Good times!