My First Mother's Day!

It was great.  I wish I had more pics, but of course, I don't.  When will I learn!

Jack gave me some cool crafty things that I'll show you later, and he Jeff transcribed the sweetest card from him!  :)

At church they made these adorable Mother's Day crafts!  I know Susan was in charge...she's my craftiest friend.  PS I had some problems scanning scanner was being a freak and wouldn't scan the whole thing...that's why his name is chopped off...but you get the point...

Jack didn't have a great day on Sunday.  He was fussy to the max...those top two teeth are playing hide and seek and I'm about to have a throwdown with them.  So here's the non-blurry unhappy pic....
and here's the blurry happy pic.  I need to take more pictures.  And ignore the shine...I ran out of foundation, ok?