Coupon Queen

In the past month or so, I've become quite the coupon clipper.  Blame it on boredom, write it off as a stay-at-home mommy thing...I don't know.  All I know is that I've always loved a good deal, and now I'm in love with coupons! 

Before now, I'd see coupons, think, "Oh, that's great!" toss them in my purse, and find them 4 months later, crunched and expired in the bottom of my huge purse.  Now I get a sad feeling when I find a coupon that has expired and I haven't been able to use, and think of taps playing as I toss it in the trash. 

Here is my coupon organizer...yes, I have one.  I'm a dork.  How else am I supposed to be able to use them all before they expire!  I sort them and put the ones I plan to use that week in the front pocket.  One group for Target, and one group for WalMart.

Now, my Sunday night ritual is to sit down at the computer, go to and find out what kind of deals I can get and plan out what our menu for the week will be!  Target also posts coupons on and lists their flier on line so you can see what's on sale.  Love!  The ultimate thing is to find a Target coupon and pair it with a coupon...that's a stacked coupon, people!!  Or, see something on sale at WalMart and find a coupon for the same item or two different coupons for the same makes me smile, ya'll!  I've even coerced Jeff into taking the coupon section in the paper that is delivered to the station...we don't get a Sunday paper and I NEED those coupons!  :)

I also have been following these two blogs that are soooooooo good and post new deals and even ways to stack your coupons to save the most.  A Thrifty Mom is great and so is Money Saving Mom.  They post coupons for specific stores and ways to save the most with coupons.

This week, one of my best coupon deals this week was a $6.99 Cutter citronella candle for....wait for!  Oh yes.  And a free pack of hot dogs for our neighborhood party in a few weeks.  I saved $25 at Target this week!  And no, I'm not buying random crap that I won't use.  And no, you don't want to be in line behind me. 

I am a little famous for going through we'll see how long this one lasts, but for now, you can call me the coupon queen!