Things I Love

1.  Peeking over the crib rail to see Jack's face light up when he sees me...even if he was fussing 3 seconds before!
2.  Listening to him learn his's loud, no doubt!  I think he'll be a talker.
3.  Watching Jack learn how to use new toys, and learn how to use old toys differently.  There are a few toys that he got for Christmas that he played with then, and is still playing with now, but he's totally figured out how to use them, where as before, he didn't really get it.  It is consistently amazing to see how God forms us.
4.  Watching Jeff be a daddy.
5.  Hugging and squeezing Jack while he laughs.
6.  Hearing Jack laugh at his daddy from the other room.
7.  Introducing him to new foods.  His latest and greatest is pasta!  I cooked up some whole wheat spiral pasta and he noms on a few spirals at dinner each night...and he loves it!!
8.  Playing peek a boo...his favorite game!  In fact, Jack loves to be startled!  We have his jumparoo in a door way that you can access from two halls.  So he might be facing one way when we walk out of the room and so we walk in the room from the other hall and say boo...he LOVES it!  Jumps up and down like crazy, screaming like a banshee!!
9.  Watching Jack squirm around on the floor, trying to figure out this whole crawling thing...
10.  Saying bed time prayers and kissing him goodnight.