Jack's First Birthday Party

I've been thinking about it for months, preparing it for weeks...and last Saturday was the big day.  Jack's first birthday party!

We went with a baseball theme...he likes this one baseball toy so we figured why not!  Plus, we threw a 4th of July party a few years ago, so we had a few left over patriotic decorations that would be perfect to use.  On the 5th of July this year, I went shopping...and got a TON of patriotic stuff on sale, big time!  One of my reciepts showed that I spent $47 and saved...wait for it...$95!  For real. 

So, the invitations went out, the RSVP's came in, family banded together to make fruit kabobs and cupcakes...and the party was a hit!!!  Here are a few pics.

Getting ready was quite a family affair.   On Saturday morning, Jeff mowed the yard, and it looked so nice for the party!  Jeff and Katherine blew up baseball beachballs and I set up all of the tables and things.  Jenny and Barbara put together the fruit kabobs and mom and I iced and plated all of the cupcakes she made.  I'd been sewing random things for weeks...table cloths, koozies...ridiculous stuff, Katherine and I put all of that stuff out.

We squeezed in a few pics of family before everyone got there.

We planned Jack's party for later in September, thinking that it would be nice and cool.  We were wrong.  Saturday was forecasted to be 97 degrees.  So last week, I emailed all the mammas and told them to bring a swimsuit and we'd set up a sprinkler!  I found a fun sprinkler at Toys R Us on sale and it was surely a hit!  The kids had a blast. 

On the menu was ballpark nachos, hotdogs, fruit kabobs, popcorn and a tray of Jack's favorite snacks, consisting of goldfish, cheerios, and cheese cubes.  Of course, as things go, Jeff realized the propane tank was out when he fired up the grill for the hot dogs!  So he and my dad made a quick trip down to 7 Eleven to do a propane exchange, and we didn't skip a beat!  The nachos, popcorn, fruit and snacks did a great job of distracting and once they got back and grilled up the hotdogs, people dug in!

Jack had a wonderful time!!  He loves balls and loved seeing the two dozen beachballs in the yard!  He was pretty hot, so Grammy took him in the sprinkler and he loved it!  The splash pool was a big hit, too.  He was completely soaked by the time it was time to eat,so it was time for a costume change! 

He was pretty overwhelmed and tired by the time the whole eating and singing part came around!  He didn't dig into his cake quite like he did his cupcake on Monday, but he definitely enjoyed some frosting. 

The party was great, we were surrounded by so many of the people we love, and it was such a blessing to get to celebrate our little boy with such a wonderful group of friends and family.  It's so easy to see God's blessings when things are good.  I pray that we will never cease seeing that goodness, in joys and trials.  And I pray that for Jack as he turns 1! 


Mary Claire said...

Oh! I am SO glad it was a great time! What a precious memory for everyone. I'm so sorry we missed it, but am thrilled that it went so well!