I'm not sure how you feel about consignment when it comes to kiddie type things.  I feel like some people love it, and some people...not so much. 

I am of the camp of loving it.  Now, I am a picky consignment buyer.  I really only buy things with tags on them or dressy clothes...things that are smocked or embroidered don't get worn a lot, so they look like brand new, even buying them used! 

This week is the Fort Worth Just Between Friends consignment sale.  It's a massive, MASSIVE, consignment sale and I am completely in love with it.  When I was working on Jack's nursery, I found an amazing changing table that I painted and spruced up.  Last Fall I went I found all kinds of precious bubble suites that Jack wore for his dedication and Easter.  Last Spring I went and found some good toys and a few good clothes finds. 

This year I signed up to volunteer so that I could be among the first people to pick through the sea of goodness. 

Look at tha sea of goodness!

I mean, are you kidding me?

So, early Saturday morning, there I was.  I brought a cart, which I'd never done before, and got BUSY!  I'm not kidding, you guys.  I walked out of there with over $300 in clothes.  Everything from jackets to sweaters,  a huge pile of footie pajamas, tons of pants and jeans, 5 pairs of shoes, and about 6 pairs of embroidered or smocked overalls.  After freaking out a little bit when I heard the total, I reminded myself that if I were to buy all of the Gymboree pants, sweaters and jeans that I'd picked up brand new, that alone would be well over $300!  Not to mention the overalls and JonJon's I'd snagged!  And, I found a Halloween costume!  Jack's gonna be a frog...sooooooo cute!  Just you wait. 

Jack showing off some of his new pajamas.

So, chances are, if you see Jack in the next few months and he's wearing something cute, it was a JBF buy...and I love it!!