Rah Rah TCU!

This weekend was the season opener for TCU and we decided it would be the perfect time to take Jack to his first football game! 

They played in the new Cowboys Stadium, and we also figured it would be a good time to check out Jerry's World...seeing as we won't be paying hundreds of dollars to go to an actual Cowboys game.

Jack put on his jersey and we geared up in our purple (is my shirt actually purple?  I know, it's up for debate.) and headed out!

My sister, Katherine, got us the hook up for parking...at CiCi's right across from the stadium.  Best part?  It came with a coupon for a free pizza!  Perfect, right?  Especially seeing as though a hamburger inside the stadium is $9.  Seriously.

The game was good, Jack did pretty well!  With the exception of the jackhole sitting behind us who was drunk and yelling so loud that it made Jack cry.  There might have been a slight bit of anger coming from Jack's daddy...and there might have been a little worry from Jack's mommy about what was actually going to go down...especially seeing as though the offender bared quite a resemblance to the Hulk (who was, at one point, explaining to his 7 year old son how the defense needed to "run the ball up their ass"). 

All's well that ends well, right?