dancing, DAN-cing, DANCING!

It started with the stomping of the feet.  That lasted a few weeks.

Then there was the sway.

Then there as the bob.

Jack is dancing!

It's quite possibly the cutest thing EVER!!!

Dancing to commercials, dancing to the intro music of the news, dancing to music at the restaurant, dancing to his toys...dancing to ANYTHING! 

And I love it....and you will too.  You know how suspicious he is of cameras, so imagine this x10, with out inhibition of the camra...

Things you will see in this video:
1.  Me talking baby talk (sorry)
2. Jack dancing
3. Vincent being grumpy
4. Jack being ornery and not showing off how big he is
5.  The cutest toddler in the whole world
6. Jack putting himself to bed