Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

Wednesday morning, we packed up the car to make our annual Thanksgiving trip down to East Texas to spend time with my dad and his family for the week!  We spent most of our time out at the lake with my dad and his wife, cousin and his family, along with my aunt and uncle, my grandpa and a few close friends.

The first day was Texas hot...like 80 degrees or something.  Jack was a little obsessed with this water hose...like stood by it, making sweet pleading noises for someone to turn it on again.  It was pretty convincing so he did a lot of playing with the water!  And Carson wanted sooooooo badly to turn it on for him...but knowing Carson, he was strongly advised not to by his dad...

Katherine and I put together a kids craft table that was a big hit.  The temp dropped from 80 to 50 in a matter of hours, so we thought a little crafting might be needed when outside play wasn't an option anymore!

Jack did a lot of contemplating...

This is Jack with my grandpa.  Jack's full name is Chester Jack and my grandpa is Chester, too!  Jack is actually the 4th Chester in our family.  The other 3 are Chester Luckett, but we tweaked it a bit with Chester Jack.
Jack found a minnow net that the big boys were using and it became the toy of the afternoon!  Such a cute picture with Jack and Dad. 

Jack and my cousin's boys played well together....no seriously!  They did!  I have no idea why Jack's crying here...but don't they look all sweet and concerned?  I think I was probably laughing...

I think there's one day in every family holiday that I decide not to wear make up.  And WITHOUT fail, it's the day that we get a picture taken.  So excuse the no-make up face...
For lunch on Friday everyone came over to my dad's house for some good ole fashioned trampoline fun!  This was Jack's first time jumping...with a little help from Carson, of course!

And there were so many leaves to play in!

Here's Jack with Dad and Barbara before we hit the road on Saturday morning.  He's a little sleepy and check out that bed head!

We came back to Fort Worth on Saturday, just in time for a Thanksgiving brunch at Jeff's parent's house on Sunday morning.  Jack and Buddy had to compete for the cutest guest....it was quite a competition!

Mom and Kat joined us for delicious meal!

Jack was loved on a lot this week....it's hard being the center of attention all the time, so he's working on catching up on some much needed sleep this week!

We are so blessed to be where we are, and thankful for the family and friends the Lord has brought into our lives.