My little crazy.

If you saw my child in the bathtub these days, you'd secretly wonder if he's gone crazy. 

Bath time these days is are my greatest struggle...and Jack's greatest joy.

Here's how bath time goes right now:
"Jack, you want to take a bath?"
He races to the bathroom to peer into the tub. 
I strip him down, he's loving it!
I fill the tub with water and plunk him in.
He sits there for a minute and I get started washing his, because I know what's about to happen.
He gets a crazed look in his eye.
Then all hell breaks loose in the bath tub. 
He's rolling, turning, flailing, crawling, standing up...and laughing hysterically.
When does he laugh the hardest?  When I get hold of his little arm, give him my sternest teacher stare and say, in a very firm voice, "NO".
He laughs uncontrollably, all the while, rolling, turning, flailing, crawling, and trying his best to stand up.

Picture an alligator rolling and being all crazy in the hopes of not being captured.

That's Jack. 

It's HILARIOUS when Jeff's giving him a bath and I get to watch.  Not so hilarious when it's me trying to wrestle the little crazy in order to not let him slip and drown or bust his head open.

It kinda makes me want to laugh, and kinda makes me want to give him a spankin'.

I've resorted to not even filling the bathtub. 

I just run the water.

Sorry environment.