Shower, baby!

Yesterday I was blessed to be one of many hostesses for a baby shower honoring my childhood best friend, Beth.  She's due at the end of February with a little girl and I couldn't be more excited for Jack's wife to be born!  Just kidding!  Maybe...anyways, off topic.

The hostesses included my other 2 best friends from high school, and I have to say, we're pretty good at throwing showers.  We've done quite a few of them together!  Three weddings, and now, three babies....there's a lot of showering in there.

We held the shower at the Botanic Gardens, and I think it turned out just perfectly.

The food was delicious....don't you just want to dive in?  The yogurt parfaits were a big hit!  And the petite  You haven't lived until you've tasted these petite fours!!  I didn't realize until Saturday morning that I'd given the pastry chef the wrong date....somehow I typed in 17 instead of 14, so she was planning to have them ready for a shower I was supposedly throwing on Wednesday!!!  Thankfully, she's wonderful and I love her, and she popped these bad boys out just in time for me to pick them up on the way to the Botanic Gardens yesterday.  If you ever need petite fours, Micah is your girl!

The shower had a book theme because Beth loves books...majored in English, taught high school English/Lit for a few we thought it was a perfect fit!  The hostesses all brought books to give Beth and we used those as decorations on each table.  There was also a book quiz.  Ten children's books were given alternative names and you had to figure out what the real name was.  It was so fun to watch all the ladies, young and old, try to work the names out!  I totally stole it from Pink Tea...

There were also library cards on each table for people to write Beth encouraging notes or motherly advice.  I hope she loved reading through them!  They were hole punched to put on her blessing ring.  I absolutely love blessing rings!  Jack has one that a friend gave us, and it's the perfect place to keep notes or cards with out just sticking them in a box to never see again. 

One of Beth's favorite books is Corduroy Bear, so one of the hostesses brought Corduroy Bear to use as our guest sign in.  Very Cute!  You can see the blessing ring hanging in the top pic on the tree, and the framed invitation on the table beside it.  I also put together some party favors, little tea bag covers, that had the baby's name on it, and a reminder to say a prayer for Beth and her husband as they become parents.  You can kinda see them in the pink basket on the table...

Everyone had a great time!

And Bradly got some beautiful things!  All of the ladies were so generous.

Here's Beth, Bradly making here presence known, standing in front of the drinks table.  Isn't she cute?  And you can see the name banner I made behind her!  I'm loving making banners these days....

The obligatory hostess picture....

and Beth''s mom, Judy, Beth, and her sister, Sara.

And a cute little boy who happened to stop by.  Eek!  He's so cute and I love him so much!

Anyways, it was a great day, great shower, wonderful time celebrating with Beth.  I can't wait for her to be a mom!!!  She's going to be such a good mom to Jack's wife.  :)


Beth Wooten said...

I will say it again--you should be a professional party planner! Thanks so much for everything. There were so many thoughtful, special parts to the whole thing, and I was so touched. Everything from the banner to the favors to the blessing ring was uniquely personal. Carter and I read all the sweet messages inside Corduroy Bear together last night, and I couldn't have loved it more.

Cheers to arranged marriages! Thanks to the shower, Bradly now has a sassy wardrobe to catch Jack's eye. :)

Kristi said...

Great post Molly! Love the pics! You girls gave Beth an excellent shower! It was so much fun! And yes, that food was fantastic! It was great seeing you all! :-)