Good times at the park!

In the past few weeks, Jack has gotten so good at walking!  He's verging on running...but sometimes his body gets ahead of his little legs and there's a small I'll say he's not quite running yet.

With this steadiness comes GOOD times at the park.  He is, actually, in love with the slide.  He's always been a little dare devil...loves nothing more than when we jump out and scare him, squeals with delight when my sister twirls him around and flings him in the air...and now there's the slide.

Jeff and I had a kind of tag team going this day at the park.  Jeff was at the bottom, waiting to catch Jack at the bottom, and I was at the top, making sure he didn't jump off the platform...because he gets THAT excited about the slide!  I'm serious! 

He gets so excited, that he climbs up the steps and just throws himself down the slide!  For a while, I was doing a pretty good job of making him sit on his bottom to go down...

Smile on his face?  Priceless!! 
And check out that static...
But after a while, I couldn't contain the crazy!  He wanted to go down face first so badly!  And so he did...over and over and over and over and over and over.....not kidding.  And loved every minute of it!!

We did get a few cute pics with Daddy and Mama...

The park is sooooooooo fun!