2 Year Old Days

There have been a few days recently that can only be summed up as "2 year old days."  Days when Jack throws fits for no reason, won't do things just because, acts like a hormonal teenager.  I honestly liken days like this to days when he can tell me he hates me and slam his door.  That's how crazy and irrational they are.

I know he's testing his limits.  Seeing what happens if....if he really bangs his fork and spoon together one more time, will he REALLY have to do to time out?  Some of this whole, "I want Mommy to hold me and only Mommy to hold me and if anyone else holds me I will scream and shout and throw a fit like you're never seen and nothing, no nothing, will distract me from my desire to have Mommy hold me."

There's been a lot of that.

And then there's this too adorable for words little boy, eating his ice cream, saying hi to everyone who passes by.

And then there's this same little boy who kept licking the table.  And when Mommy said, please quit licking the table said, "OK, Mamma."  And would lick his ice cream, and then lick the table.  And when Mommy said, "Please quit licking the table.  We lick ice cream, not tables because tables are dirty.  If you lick the table, we're going to have to throw your ice cream away and go bye-bye."  And when asked what what would happen if he licked the table would say, "Throw ice cream away.  Go bye-bye." And would sing, lick his ice cream look at Mommy and lick the table.  

And then there were tears and gnashing of teeth.

And when asked why we had to throw the ice cream away, would say, "Licked table.  Mamma said no lick table, or throw away ice cream."

And there you have it.  The testing of a 2 year old.