Meeeeeeeeeeeerry Christmas!

Growing up, we didn't have professional pictures taken. I think maybe once when I was like 1 mom took me to JC Penny's or something, but that's about it. Oh, and the church directory. And that came along at about the most awkward time...middle school and high school...when really, you wish you hadn't had professional pictures taken!

Anyways, I decided that I'd really like to get in the habit of having pictures taken of Jack and of our family. With all of these post prego pounds hanging out, I was channeling myself back in the middle school days when everyone knew pictures should not be taken to actually document it...but it's Jack's first Christmas and pictures are a must!!!

So today we went to a picture place to get our pictures taken. Jack did pretty well! Our first picture experience with newborn pics was absolutely TERRIBLE, so I have been super nervous. But he was so much better at 11 weeks than 10 days!

Overall we were happy with the pictures. The people were nice, we got our pics before we walked out the door, and paid a fraction of our newborn picture cost. With that price cut, there came a few drawbacks. Anyways, here are a select few, starting with the bad...oh so bad.

Olin Mills, anyone? Really? What's up with that background? Ah, I know I wasn't in charge of that set up but I still allowed my family to be pictured with it, and I'm embarrassed. I like to consider myself a little artsy, creative, etc. There is nothing artsy or creative about this. Needless to say, these didn't make it to print!

Now this, THIS, is awful. TERRIBLE!! Are you kidding me? Poor kid. Again, I take responsibility. I didn't run when I saw this satin filled wicker coming towards us. Jeff just called him Baby Moses.

Now, this one is adorable. I found this cute little smocked outfit at a consignment store for a steal! He's so stinkin' cute!

This one was the fav of the family pictures. Maybe because I'm laying on my stomach with the post prego pounds squashed under me . Not too bad, once the terrible tree and embarrassing wicker left the room.

I LOVE this one. He's so cute! Jack has been smiling up a storm at home, but of course, he wouldn't smile for the picture lady. This is the closest thing we got!

Would it be mean to say this one is probably my favorite? I mean, I think it's hysterical. His onesie says "joy" and he's screaming. Maybe it's the irony? Maybe it's that I sometimes can't help but laugh when he's throwing a fit. I mean, really? Is life that bad?


Jane said...

And you wonder why I love this blog??? It is the best entertainment I have had in ages. I live for it. First for the pictures of Jack and second for the entertainment of your life. I can't wait to meet Jack. I hope it is soon. Jane

Beth Wooten said...

I literally laughed out loud over the baby Moses comment. Hilarious. I really think you should use the screaming Jack pic in your Christmas cards. ;) P.S. I like your festive background.