3 Months!

Twelve weeks ago last Sunday, Jack was born! Hard to believe it's been twelve weeks. In many different ways!

Three months is supposed to be a big deal. They say it's like a turning point. We'll see...I don't want to put too much pressure on the little guy to sleep through the night, roll over, laugh...you know, all the exciting things about being 3 months old!

Lately, the newest things have been:

He LOVES to put his hands in his mouth. He's not particular as to which one, and really, would prefer to put both in there!! And excessive hands in the mouth mean excessive drooling. Good times!

He's not hating tummy time as much. There is little love, but at least he's not crying as soon as he's turned over! He chatters and flails about which is just fun (and funny!) to watch! And with the drooling, when he's done with tummy time, his play mat is soaking wet!

Today he was a champ and was holding his head up like nobody's business! You can also hear the chatter that I'm talking about...
He is "talking" like crazy!!!! He's come up with some new sounds lately that are just funny! And much louder than they used to be! And truly, they aren't "coo's", it's more like yelling...

Bath time used to be the worst thing ever. He hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns! Now, it's fun time. He loves it, and although he wasn't wanting to smile for the camera, you can tell he's not loathing his water time. You do have to becareful, though. Sometimes a quick fountian appears in our bath tub!

He is "playing" with the toys on his bouncy seat and on his play mat! It's so fun to watch him grow and do new things.>
And the truly amazing thing is that I'm not teaching him to do anything. Nobody is, it's just the way God designed it, and we're just so blessed to be able to watch Jack grow!


a world invented said...

oh! he's so cute!
:) hanna

Molly said...

i must see you soon, hanna! i miss you!!