Thanksgiving Feasting

I know this is totally out of order, which bugs, but what are you going to do?

Jack's first Thanksgiving was a hit. He was as cute as always, sporting his "My First Thanksgiving" onesie, and grinning at family and friends all over Texas. Thankfully, we had two First Thanksgiving onesies because this one was spit up all over shortly after this cute pic...

We headed to Palestine for a few days to hang out with the East Texas crowd. I grew up with my cousin and consider him more of a brother than a cousin. He and his family come in for Thanksgiving every year, so Thanksgiving has become the Palestine holiday.

My cousin's two boys are adorable and love, LOVE, jumping on the ancient trampoline that for some reason still resides in my childhood back yard. We're waiting for someone to fall through one day!

Aunt Kat isn't a fan of tiny babies. It think it's the crazy head bobbing or something...anyways, she is getting really good at feeding Jack! It's the one time he's surely not going to head bob or start crying!!

Dad loves little Jack and loved holding him! And so did Jeffrey. He's had a little practice!

And of course, the tolken family picture. Jack's first Thanksgiving picture! As you can see, this is the OTHER First Thanksgiving onesie...

Of course, we had to take a trip out to the lake for the boys to play one more time before heading back to CA. And it was Jack's first trip out to Crystal Lake! Documented by lots of pictures, of course. And here's one of many pictures of the cousins at the lake!Um, what? They look like a happy little family...I'm going to steal that pose next time we take a picture! They're so cute!
We headed back to Fort Worth on Saturday and went to have dinner with Jeff's parents. His brother and sister in law were in town from Maryland and it's always good to see them!!

In case you're wondering, Jack was amazing through all of the Thanksgiving festivities! He is such a trooper and didn't mind being pass around at all! Until.....

Sunday night we went to my mom's house to have Thanksgiving dinner one more time. There are no pictures of this...Jack was done with a capital D! He tried so hard to be sweet, but good-ness, he had no sweetness left in him. He put on the biggest fit we've seen in quite some time, thus there was not time for pictures and barely time for dinner! There was no soothing him, nothing in the bag of tricks was even remotely close to working! So we strapped him in his car seat and headed out early, leaving a trail of ringing ears behind us. Of course, as soon as we clicked his carseat in the car and drove off, he was fast asleep.