Oh my heart...

One of the best things about this time of the year is the get-togethers. Yes, they're tiring, and sometimes you wonder what they're really for, but I love them. I love seeing people and just getting together which is what this time of year is sometimes about!

Tonight (yes, tonight) we had our fabulous City Group over for a Christmas party of sorts. The best kind, actually! Everyone brought an appetizer to share. What's not to love about eating appetizers for dinner? They were outstanding. My favorite? This wonderful sausage and cream cheese filled croissant. Doesn't sound good when I type it here, but I will be getting the recipe, that's for sure!

Anyway, Jack was getting sleepy, so I snuck off to get him ready for bed. Strangely enough, the changing table is one of Jack's favorite places. I swear, he would lay there and talk and coo all day long!!! I think it's because our faces are so close to each other, it just makes conversation so easy! So tonight, we were just chatting and carrying on as just like normal I was changing him and putting is quickly shrinking PJ's on.

Side note, he's completely growing out of all of his clothes....I remember how strange it was going through that with the newborn clothes...but these are all 3 month clothes! The other day, I put on some PJ's that were way to big on him a month ago, and he can't even straighten out his legs, they're so short!

But I digress...we were talking and chatting, I was telling him that he was growing out of all of his clothes, and this would be the last time he could wear his alligator pajamas when...he laughed!! I mean, there wasn't that whole, "Wait a minute, I think he might have laughed but I'm not sure...maybe it was just a loud coo". No, this was a full on laugh! It was the most precious thing I've ever heard. My heart melted and I teared up. Before he started to chatter so much, I couldn't wait to hear what his voice would sound like and since then, I've been so anxious to hear what his laugh would sound like. What a precious precious sound!! Apparently he thought it was pretty funny that he wouldn't get to wear his alligator pajamas any more (I'm sure it has nothing to do with this random Chinese accented silly talk that I've been doing lately...where did that come from, I don't know), because I kept talking and he kept laughing! There has been nothing sweeter so far.

It's easy to tell he's learning how to laugh, Jeff has gotten him to kinda chuckle a bit when he's tossing him up but nothing I've done has evoked any type of giggle until tonight. So he laughed a few times, and then I could tell he was trying to remember how to do it again, and just came up with a shriek! The concentration on his face was precious.

I don't want to ever forget that sweet moment.

Funny part of the story? When the party started, Jack was sleeping so I took the baby monitor into the dining room so I could hear when he woke up. I never turned off the monitor....which means that everyone at the party is now familiar with my Chinese accent silly talk. Great.

So, here's his little giggle with Jeff. He LOVES this new game of toss the baby!! And be sure to check out his little rat tail...he's lost a lot of his baby hair all over, but recently he's lost this crazy little strip in the back of his head from turning his head back and forth when he's sleeping, thus leaving...a rat tail. People tell me it's cute and not to be embarrassed. I've been thinking I might braid it and put a bead on the end like Jordan from NKOTB.


Sarah said...

how sweet!! p.s.- love the color of you wall, I want to paint our living room green but it's hard to find the right shade. Do you remember the color? Merry Christmas!!

Molly said...

this was actually the color that came with the house...so i'm no help there! we do love the color, so good luck on your color search!