It's's snowing! Winter time is here!

Jack's first Christmas was fabulous, and here are a few pics to prove it!

First of all, it snowed on Christmas Eve, which was so fun! I told Jack that if it snowed next year at this time, he'd enjoy it a whole lot more than he did taking these pictures...

Here Jack is, all dressed up and ready to head to bed so Santa can come! Jeff and I have had many discussions about how we'll handle Santa...Jeff's big thing is that Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa! Which I completely agree with! But Santa is a lot easier to explain than Jesus. He was more against Santa when he thought Saint Nicholas was a pagan saint, but thanks to Mark Driscoll and his Christmas tweets, he was enlightened to what I'd been saying all along, Saint Nicholas was a real saint who gave to the poor and needy. Now, not that we're poor or needy, we have more than enough, but it gave him a little peace about Santa. Never thought I'd be thankful of Jeff and his twittering!

Jack sat with Grammy while I opened his Christmas presents. He got some good stuff! We decided that we wouldn't necessarily shower Jack with Christmas gifts this year...I mean, when the boy needs something I just run to Target to get it! There's no waiting for Santa at this point in the game...especially with all this exponential growing he's doing lately! I explained that Santa was coming to Grammy and Nana's house this year! And boy did he!

And here is in his adorable Christmas outfit! His first pair of khakis!

And here are Katherine and Mom in their cheesy Christmas picture! They should have done a Christmas card! :)

For some unknown reason, my family always takes a picture of the holiday dinner table...don't know why...but here is the obligatory Christmas dinner table picture! And yes, I have Christmas china. What?

Girls family Christmas picture!

Jack also spent some quality time with Nana!

Three important things about this Christmas picture.

1. Katherine is holding Jack...something she's never done standing up!

2. Jack is so stinkin' cute looking at his great grandpa

3. The elbow of the vintage Santa beside Katherine. This Santa has been around since my dad was a kid! Grandpa and Grandma would put it up every year and us kids would have a picture next to it. Now, the reason that Santa's not really in the picture is that I'm in front of Santa...and there will be no more pictures of me posted until I spend the month of January at the YMCA.

So, we had a busy and wonderful Christmas! In posting on the blog, I always see holes in my picture pictures of either Grandpa, no pictures of Aunt Alison and Uncle Andy, no pictures of Jeff...before Jack came along, I was a terrible picture taker. Not that I've necessarily improved, but I'm taking more than 3 pictures a year which is a big step! I could definitely improve and hopefully will, because I hate when I don't have pictures of everyone at every function!!!

So, if you were a part of our Christmas festivities and are one of the undocumented ones, please accept my apologies...and remind me to whip out my camera next time!


Beth Wooten said...

You should hire a Harris to come be your photographer. You could probably just steal one of the young ones who've already been trained in the relentless snapping techniques. These are such fun pictures! Jack looks so cute there in the snow, and I kinda appreciate the picture of the table all set and ready to go. Hope yall had a good time with everyone!