Glory to God

As I mentioned a while back, in June, a very good friend of mine found out that the baby she was carrying was not developing properly due to fluid around her heart and lungs and even if carried to term, life would be short. In August, their baby girl, Glory, was delivered and went home to meet her maker. As Jeff and I have watched this couple go through one of the greatest trials we as humans can possible go through, we have seen them cling to the good God they know and trust.

Last night was a true testimony to that trust and faith. Before they knew that Glory was very sick, they had planned on having a baby shower. Not a typical baby shower, but a baby shower to benefit the orphans that are lacking the necessities in life, not just the monogrammed birth cloths and recieving blankets that we think of with baby showers here in the USA. The shower they had in mind would benefit orphans in Ethiopia. They felt a special connection to Ethiopia after the Zeb had the opportunity to travel there in the spring and saw the truth that lived behind those compelling commercials that we see on TV.

After Glory was delivered, they knew that her sweet short life didn't mean that they couldn't still do something to help others, in fact, even more compelled them to do something for others. Last night, Jeff and I attended a A Shower for Glory, which was a fundraiser to benefit orphans in Ethiopia in Glory's honor. Again, this was not a typical baby shower. Over 200 people attended and listened to their heart wrenching story, and were compelled beyond reason to give. Again, not couture onesies, but money to feed and clothe children. Makes my onesie making kick seem pretty darn insignificant.

James 1:27 says "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Jeff and I have talked about adoption for a while now. Not adopting because we can't have our own children, but adopting to fill a need. To raise up a child that has no other family, and man if last night didn't cinch the deal! The Lord knows when and where, but we do feel called. Strangely enough, even more so since we've had Jack. Last night, we listened to a man from the Gladney center speak about mothers who didn't have the resources to feed their babies. My heart broke. I'm upset about not being able to breastfeed my baby, and these mothers don't have anything to feed their babies. I can guarantee, mine weren't the only tears shed last night.

From both Zeb and Ally's beautifully prepared speeches to the Gladney's Ethiopia video, the night was a wonderfully God glorifying event and I know when they meet Glory at the resurrection, she will be proud to know her mom and dad.

Zeb and Ally were featured in the Star Telegram last week, and they'll be featured on CBS11 next week on Texans with Character. I'll be sure to post the video once it airs! If you feel compelled to donate to their cause, click here and you can donate now. And be sure to watch the video. It will make you cry!


Candy said...

The boys's babysitter in Mansfield is in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. Cindi and Matt already have 3 kids of their own, but felt led by God to adopt from Ethiopia. After a year and a half process they have his picture and a court date set for Christmas Eve. If you guys are looking in that direction I can give you her email if you have any questions about the process. They have established a network with others in the area who are adopting and were able to send a care package to Baby Sam with another couple who just went over to get their own baby.

a world invented said...

to this post i say, "yay!"!!!

ally007 said...

thanks my friend. I'm grateful for your kind words and for posting the site to give. God has surely done an amazing work - in all of our lives. I look forward to seeing where he leads you and Jeff with your family.
love you- ap