10 Months

So, Jack is 10 months now.  TEN MONTHS!  That's just so hard to believe.  Like, it's time to start planning his birthday party!  Who am I kidding...it's basically planned. 

Jack's discovered all kinds of new things with the freedom crawling brings.  One of his favorite past times is crawling down our "hall to nowhere" as fast as he can, screaming all the way.  The hall is random, has a low ceiling and tile floors, and is pretty long...which makes for a pretty awesome echo-y crawl!  He takes off, crawling a few feet, turns around to make sure you're still following him, and then repeat until he makes it all the way down.  He also LOVES if you jump out one end of the hall and yell  BOO!  I mean, loves it.  He jumps, smiles, and shrieks all at the same time before turning around and crawling with all of his might. 

He also loves to "play" with the curtains.  There is a big picture window in our living room with long curtains and he loves to crawl over to the window, pull up on the window frame, and "get lost" in the curtains.  Which includes lots of shrieking and banging on the window.  That window needs to be cleaned like no other. 

This week Jack has started sharing.  Weather it's a Cheerio at breakfast or a paper he picked up from the coffee table, he wants to share...which is soooooo adorable!  He also loves to put random things in his mouth, but with the introduction of this sharing thing, if his hand is headed towards his mouth and we say no, instead of running over to pry something out of his hand or mouth,  he just hands over the offending object!  Now that's progress. 

And newsflash, Vincent and Jack are getting along!  With sharing, comes playing!  Jack's new favorite game, and dare I say, Vincent's new favorite game, is picking up Vincent's ball and holding it out so Vincent can take it ever so gently out of his hand.  Um, loving this.  I'm loving it (my two boys getting along), Jeff's loving it (keeping Vincent occupied and out of the way), Jack's loving it (Vincent is actually coming towards him and not running away) and Vincent is loving it (some one's actually playing with him)!  Everyone wins!

Jack has discovered his first favorite book!  It's got a great plot, the characters are really developed...
ok, maybe not.  This book is the first toy he takes out of his basket in the morning, and he loves for Jeff and me to read it to him!  He gets so excited when we start reading and counting and he claps and tries to sit on the book.  We also have Look and Learn ABC but that one just goes on and on and on...

I'll end with this picture just because it's so cute!