So, I told you last week that Jack loves his Look and Learn ABC book.  Well, he's totally branching out lately...I think he's found a few new genres.

One of this favorite things to do lately is to "read".  Jeff lays out a bunch of his books in front of him and Jack chooses on that he wants us to read, picks it up and hands it to whoever is closest!  He is still loving Look and Learn ABC, but also is loving Touch and Feel Puppy.  Lots of verbs involved in these titles...Touch and Feel Puppy has fur and things for you to feel, and it's really very cool to see him know which part of the page to touch.  He loves to turn the page...and sometimes you have to read really fast to keep up with him...and it's pretty amazing to see him sit still for more than 2 seconds and listen to us read!

Since he's totally rejecting his bedtime bottle, I think it's time to start story time before bed.  That will be fun!!!