We survived 10 and a half months with out a dreaded ear infection, but this week, the battle was lost.

Over the past week or so, Jack has been a little fussy.  Not too terribly fussy, just a little fussy.  Just fussy enough to attribute the fussiness to teething (grabbing his ears, too...surely it's teething!), growing, or just being in a down right funk.  Something we just knew he'd be over soon.  His naps were shorter than normal, he was waking up earlier...all bugger type things, but nothing we were too concerned over.  He was downright refusing his night time bottle, but we were just thinking he's doing a little self weaning here!  That's my boy, doing things ahead of schedule!

Until Monday night.  Monday night, I planned to go out to dinner with some girls from church.  Good times, right?  Who doesn't love a night out with the girls!  And dinners are great, because you get to feed the kid, bathe the kid, get the kid ready for bed and then head out. 

So, we're going through our evening ritual with the eating and the bathing, and Jack was straight up not happy.  We thought he might be overtired, so we put him to bed early, at like 6:15 or something.  I know, early!  But he was acting like he was tired!!  What's a mom and dad to do!

Well, I walked out the door at 6:30 and I knew it wasn't going to be an easy to bed night.  No way, no how.  Jack was fighting it, hard core.  But not a typical fight, not standing up in his crib, knocking pictures off the wall (yeah, that happened last week), but lying down, trying hard to sleep, and just couldn't!  I mean sobbing.  Break your heard sobbing.  I went in before I left, rubbed his little back, and knew if I wasn't carpooling with someone, I'd be taking off the heals and staying home. 

My ride arrived and I headed out the door, HATING to be leaving, but knowing Jeff could handle it.  And surely he'd be asleep soon!  I texted Jeff at around 8:15 to see how it was going.  He texted back and said he thought he might be asleep this time.  My poor baby!  Jeff had kept going in to check on him all evening, picking him up to soothe him and he would have none of it.  Jack's not a cuddly baby so that's not surprising...but it was a cry that he could tell something was wrong.  He said that he watched Jack fall asleep momentarily, only to be awake a second later crying.  My poor baby!!!!

We made a doctors appointment for Tuesday morning, still kinda figuring that he was just teething...but once we got there and the doctor whipped out his little ear scope thing, I think his exact words were, "Oh, yeah.  We've got a bad one here!"  He even said he couldn't believe Jack was just sitting here and not screaming because it looked that bad. 

Oh, my poor baby.  I hate hate hate that we didn't go sooner!  Apparently Jack has a high pain tolerance...

He sent us home with some amoxicillian  and directions to give him Tylenol as needed. 

Jack has been a much happier baby these past few days, and is even kinda enjoying his first round of the pink bubble gum flavored meds!  Now, the night time bottle?  I don't think that had anything to do with the ear...I think he's done with his night time bottle.  Kinda sad...just kinda. 

Jack LOVES his sippy cup and gets soooooooo excited when he sees me filling it with water or shaking up some formula in it! 
 He's growing up.


Beth Wooten said...

It's been a rough couple of weeks for the Jamison men! I'm glad he's feeling better. That last picture is too cute. :)