This past Saturday, we took a family trip to Walmart..we don't take family trips to Walmart.  And ya'll know I brave Walmart only at 8am on a weekday morning.  So, this was a Saturday, and an afternoon.  We were crazy.  I warned Jeff before we even went in (he is prone to Walmart breakdowns when the larger than life people are taking up the whole isle or when the throngs of children are running in circles all around him...understandable, I know) that he needed to put on some patience and know it's going to be terrible, basically, suck it up and let's go. 

We grabbed a few grocery items for our 4th of July get together the next day, and headed over to the toys section.  I was thinking that Jack's next toy should be a walker.  He's pulling up, cruising around, so it seemed like that would be natural.  We found our walker (decided on the $14 rather than the $44 one...do we really need one more toy that sings and blinks?) and headed for the checkout line.  Where we walked right up to the checker.  And were out in a matter of seconds.  What?  Did I blink and miss it?  Apparently.  We decided it was probably one of the most pleasant Walmart trips of all times and decided we'd never go to Walmart again, and just have positive thoughts about that one time we spent less than 9 hours in a Walmart checkout line.

Anyways, Jack is loving it.  Jeff calls it his shuttle because he just grabs on walks to the couch, where he grabs on to the couch, cruises on down to the table, cruises around the table, then back to the walker where he walks across the room to the other couch and latches it on.  Pretty cute! 

And yesterday we went walking in the backyard, which he really loved!

Of course, first we headed to the table...

And then a little stroll down the sidewalk...

p.s.  PLEASE excuse the ridiculous outfit.  The onesie is one of the cutest onesies ever, it has sheep on it and on the back it says "PEE EWE" on the bottom.  Adorable!  But, not adorable with tennis shoes.  A onesie with tennis shoes goes in the category of a girl wearing a bathing suit with running shoes.  It should never be done.  Ever.  And if I would have known he'd be so adorable walking around outside (I should have guessed) I totally would have changed him, spruced him up...but here he is, rockin' the onesie and tennis shoes and still looking pretty freaking adorable!


Ms. Kolstad's Class Blogspot said...

How does he manage to get cuter every time I see him? Must be a Grammy thing!