Sooooooooo funny...had to share.

If you are a mom, going to be a mom soon, or wanting to be a mom some day in your HAVE to read Rants from Mommyland.  Kate and Lydia are absolutely histarical...they're best friends who love their wine, have their own vernacular, raise 6 children between the two of them, and are constantly making me laugh out loud.  Kate refers to her kids as "indoor homeless people"...because they have no jobs and beg her for everything even though they live inside...and they love their T-Box time...their term for the Target box wine.  Hilar!

This weekend they composted a list of "When I'm a Parent I'll Never..." submissions from readers and I couldn't not share them.  I mean, I laughed out loud more than once!  You've got to check it out...