The Battle

So, I'm down to the last few nursery things...curtains up? Check. Bedding finished? Check. Bookshelf put together? Check. Glider finished? Check. There is one thing, that for whatever reason, I haven't gotten started on. It's this bench with drawers that was Jeff's. It was originally just varnished, but I decided a while back that I wanted it to be white, so probably like 3-4 months ago, I spray painted it white...and then put it in a corner. My idea was to cover the cushion with cute material, and then on the inside panel of the drawers, Modge Podge in some coordinating material. I don't know why it's been hard to get motivated about it, but it has!

It is truly the last thing I have to actually be crafty about in the nursery, so there's no where else to go but to the bench! I had picture of what it would look like, I was thinking striped material on the cushion, and then perhaps the yellow material on the panels. So, I decide today that it was time to tackle the project. Probably one of the reasons it's been left to last is because I'm not quite sure how to tackle it!

So I bravely take the cushion into the dining room to get started...what I really need to post is a picture of my dining room turned to sweat shop (I truly call it my sweat shop because I'm convinced it's the hottest place in the soon as I sit down to sew, I'm sweating like a mother...actually, at this point, every time I sit down, I'm sweating...actually, whenever I sit, stand, lay down, or breath, I'm sweating...whatever) because that's something to marvel at. How is it possible to spread out that much?

Anyways, I get out the striped material to start pinning and...there's not enough. It's long enough, but there's not enough to wrap all the way around the cushion. What to do, what to do...well...couldn't I make this work? I mean, only one side of the cushion could be seen, right? So why do I need to cover both sides? Right? It's then that my "Whatever, nobody will notice" kicks in HIGH gear! I mean, I could use a glue gun to glue the material on the bottom of the cushion and nobody will know, right? If my glue gun skills are enough to hold together fashions at fashion week, surely they were good enough to glue some material to a cushion! But do I really want to just glue material to a pillow? Is that good enough for little Jack? Oh, if you only knew the battle...should I do it? Each time I walk in Jack's room will I notice the super ghetto cushion cover?

Of course, I take my whining to Jeff...he actually backs my gluing to the back of the cushion idea! Validation! Just what I needed! I'm literally about to start gluing the material to the cushion when I think to my self, "Are you kidding me? Am I really gluing this material that doesn't even fit onto Jack's cushion??"

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't! The cushion cover in the picture obviously isn't covered with what I pictured in my mind, but I had plenty of this orange and yellow material to cover it, and it looks just fine. Yes, it's sewn. I have to admit, I did end up gluing the ends down...I couldn't help it. Hot glue can do wonders, I tell you, and wonders it did on the ends of this cushion!

So I didn't make it out of the glue gun woods, but I did conquer the "Whatever, nobody will notice" monster...well, mostly! And I still have to put the material on the panels...we'll see what kind of project that becomes, but I am anticipating plugging in the glue gun!