Interesting Prego Day

This summer I've been working at Van Grow Art Studio for Kids, which is just amazing. If you have kids, they should go here. Anyways, this week is my last week...time to get ready for Jack! I have an amazing group this week. They're astoundingly polite, so sweet, and work really hard. I am always complimenting my group, you know, "I see some really good painting going on! You guys are doing great!" and usually, that's met by a smile or so. This week, if I say something complimentary to the group, they all take turns, going around the room, saying "Thank you!" So sweet, they're just great kids.

So I was getting ready for camp today, gathering paint, brushes, etc. My green can of paint needed a little more in it, so I went about squirting more paint into the can. At this point in pregnancy, I'm in a little bit of a habit of rubbing my belly...I know, so cliche, pregnant woman with her hand on her belly, but it just kinda happens! Anyways, while I'm squirting paint, I'm mindlessly rubbing my belly with the other hand. I glance down at my belly rubbing hand, and it's green! I look down, don't see paint anywhere...where did that paint come from? Must have been on the outside of the bottle when I picked it up. More squirting...rubbing belly...more paint on that hand! It's then that I realize that a bit of the squirt of the paint had ended up on the underside of my belly, all over my shirt, and I couldn't see it. This means that I officially can not see the underside of my belly. And, really? I splattered paint on my shirt and have been rubbing it in for the last few minutes? Great. And the really annoying thing is that at this point, there are few shirts that actually cover the belly! They're all starting to ride up, and before I know it, the bottom of my belly is actually sticking out under the shirts! Eew! Nobody needs to see that! Oh well, a good excuse to run to Target later and pick up a new prego shirt. Can't beat that! :)

After work, I headed to a Dr's appointment. I didn't have to wait too long, which is good and pretty unusual! After a few squeaks of that waiting room door, my name was called! Did all the normal things, pee in the cup, check blood pressure, yadda, yadda, jump on the, what? I've gained 9 pounds in the last 3 weeks? Excuse me? I start thinking that maybe it's not Jack who's been eating all those hamburgers lately, it's me! Goodness!! As my nurse leaves, I'm freaking out a little, I mean I have 5 more weeks to go! I can't gain weight like that! I sit pondering until my Dr comes in and says, "Wow, 9 pounds!" Um, thanks. We talked about what was going on, she asked if I was feeling swollen. Well, if toes that feel like sausages, feet that have gone from narrows to wides, and ankles that have all of a sudden turned into sickening cankles means I'm feeling swollen, then yes! Turns out that when you feel like you're walking on Dr. Scholls Gells on top of a balloon when you're walking barefoot through the house, your retaining a little water.

I took my wedding ring off a few months ago (sniff) and have been wearing a ring I bought in Mexico since then. (I couldn't go with out a ring, I was afraid at one of my WalMart ventures, I might find a man who was more than willing to be my baby's daddy...) I was worried that if I started swelling and didn't already have my ring off, I would have to get it cut off! Obviously, I've read the stupid prego websites that try to scare you. So my Mexico ring fit great, no worries. Well, this week and last, that ring had been leaving marks on my finger! Not green marks reminding me it's from Mexico, marks that say, "Take me off, I don't fit your prego finger anymore!" Guess that should have been a sign.

My Dr said that since my weight gain had been so steady from the beginning, the frightening amount of weight gain since last time was mostly due to swelling. Whew! So, the obvious thing to do after my appointment was to go to Target, get my new prego shirt, and leave with a bag of fresh popped popcorn! :)


Candy said...

I had to stop wearing my rings at some point, and unfortunately, I got so used to not having them on, I still have a hard time remembering to put them on when I leave the house. There are many times when I'm out with my 2 banshees that I look down and don't see it on and think, oh great-this looks really good. Of course, I won't ever let Greg leave the house without his ring on-the same should really apply to me; although I don't think I'm at risk of a man wanting to be my baby's daddy when they see two 3 year olds.

ally007 said...

kudos on the popcorn. definitely a wise choice.

we've already consumed one bag this week. =

Kristi said...

LOL! You sound just like my friend Elizabeth. She's had some unfortunate weigh-ins and doc visits. All in one day her boss told her she had cankles and the doc told her she could tell she was really swollen. Not so helpful!