Jack's Shower #2

I had another amazing shower on Saturday! Wonderful friends, perfect gifts...this baby is so blessed by people who love him even before he's here. And I am so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people!! I don't have as many pictures to share on this one...I forgot to designate a photographer. I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures!

The hostess went all out with the fun games and baby decor, she is amazing! We took our hospital tour on Saturday right before the shower and Jeff noticed that some of the recovery rooms had wreaths on the doors and he asked, "Do we have a wreath to put on our door?" Random question, considering we're seeing the rooms where I'll squeeze out our first born son, but whatever. We didn't...until the shower! So cute!

And the diaper tower is adorable, not to mention useful!!

And the family picture!
It was a wonderful shower, such generous friends, I couldn't ask for more!!!


Kristi said...

You have the best friends. Jack won't want for anything. How did she make that wreath? I love it! I want to make one!

Molly said...

yes, the wreath is amazing! believe it or not, it is made of diapers! she's great.