I went to the Dr today and...wait for it...I only gained a pound! Wow was I nervous about that one. I've consumed more than my share of cheeseburgers these past 2 weeks!

Is it a little scary that before I agree to go eat somewhere, Jeff and I have to look up the menu on line and see if they have a cheeseburger on the menu? A little out of control.

And by the way, I'm not picky about my burger. A burger at Lili's on Magnolia, which is an gorgonzola burger that will knock you over with happiness and makes my mouth water as I type, will pretty much conquer the craving as much as a burger from McDonalds. I have to say, I tried the new Angus burger at McDonalds last week and it was pretty darn good. I mean, I'm a fan of McDonalds, and I'm not ashamed! But this burger was more like a sit-down-and-eat burger than an eat-it-in-the-car burger. Jeff keeps telling me that meat at McDonalds isn't really meat...but then I show him the part on the bag that says 100% beef! I mean, it's on the bag! It has to be true!

So with all of my burger consumptions as of late (yes, I had one today after the Dr's appointment) that one pound weight gain is amazing.

And did I mention there are just 19 days until I'm due! Wonder how many hamburgers I can consumer in those 19 days?


susan said...

Oh, Molly...I can definitely relate. When I was pregnant with Emilie, all I wanted was MEAT--especially burgers! YUM!!!