The Owls

I guess if Jack's room had a theme, it would be owls. The blue owl material was the jumping point for everything in the nursery! And I have gotten some of the most adorable owls!! I just love them!!!

This one is from Susan, and I just love it. He looks so sweet and I want Jack to sleep with him one day. He's so soft!!

This one is from my mom. I think my mom's mom made it for my sister and I. It's from The Owl and the Pussy Cat. I love sentimental things!

And this one is from my friend Hannah. She's super crafty and made this using the same applique pattern I used for my onesie! How crafty!

When you say "crafty" do you think of the Beastie Boys song? A friend mentioned that tonight, that she always thinks Beastie when someone asks her if she's crafty. I'm pretty sure I will think that from now on...


Beth Bradly Wooten said...

I just want to yell out, "I LOVE OWLS!" P.S. Hope you don't mind that I stole your picture of Vincent snuggling with Jack (albeit still in your belly).

Molly said...

um, i actually love it, and it made me want to take another one, now that the bump has grown to even more abnormal proportions!