Getting Ready

This is a weird part of pregnancy...since it's all been so normal up until now (my swollen ankles scream otherwise)...I guess this is the strangest part of timing of pregnancy. This week, I'm 36 week along. That's considered full term or maybe it's next week that I'm considered full term...whatever, it's close. So, technically, Jack could come right now and not be considered early. Um, that's CRAZY!!

The strange part of it is that he could also come 5 weeks from now and not be late. It's a weird feeling! Wanting to be prepared, just in case, but not wanting to be too prepared, because then you're just sitting around waiting with nothing to do! I know some of you are thinking, whatever, he won't be early! It's your first! They're always late! Not always...a good friend of mine had a baby about 2 months ago and she was 3 weeks early! It was her first!

Yesterday, in the spirit of being prepared, I packed my hospital bag. Really, I tried to pack my hospital bag. How do you pack clothes to wear home from the hospital when you still need to wear the clothes right now? They say to pack maternity clothes to wear home because it takes time for your body to start to pull back together and things. Well, I need my maternity clothes! Ok, moving on to maternity PJ's. Well, I don't have any. I've just been stretching out whatever night gown I can struggle into. And it's nothing that anyone coming to visit me in the hospital will want to see me in! So, better get some maternity PJ's. Pack your toiletries. Might need those between now and when Jack pops out! So basically, I just ended up making a list of what I need to remember to put in the "pre-packed" hospital bag.

Today, I decided I needed to pack the diaper bag. You know, since we'll be going out so much in the first month or so! I actually did have everything I needed to put in the diaper bag, which was a good feeling!

So, I'm getting ready. And it's weird. Last week, I was planning some things for October, and it was really weird to think about planning with Jack in mind! My oldest friends (not like old in age, but old as in I've known them forever) are planning a baby shower for a wonderful friend in October. Well, Jack will be here! And he'll still be so little! It's fun to think about, him being here, going places, doing things. Just so strange! I guess that's part of getting ready, knowing that things are about to change like crazy!!


Kristi said...

You have to bring him to Marge's shower. I will need to see him! SO excited for you! :-)