How I Ruin Birthday Surprises

My birthday is tomorrow, and while I'm excited and love birthdays, it completely snuck up on me this year! I wonder why...

Ruined birthday surprise #1:
Last week, I ordered the white side table to put in the nursery by the glider. I'd been on the hunt for a while, and was having a hard time paying $80 for a small white table! Everywhere I looked they were between $70 and $80...even WalMart! I'd searched on the Internet, every furniture place I could find! I'd, of course, been complaining about it to Jeff, so he knew my frustrations. One night while looking on line, I finally found one for like $54 and went ahead and ordered it. It's cute and I actually like it much more than the other more expensive ones I'd been looking for. It has a drawer and a door, which will be perfect places to hide messes. :) So, the next day, after Jeff gets home from work, I mention that I had finally found a side table and ordered it! He has a kinda sad look on his face...well, that's because earlier that morning, he had ordered the one from Target that I'd been looking at! Really? What are the odds. He's too good of a listener.

Ruined birthday surprise #2:
So, Thursday the FedEx guy comes to the door with a box addressed to Jeff. I take it inside, and it looks like one of those tall stand up air purifiers, which didn't surprise me too much. Jeff has allergies and while we have an air purifier, I thought he maybe wanted a serious looking one. I didn't open a box or anything, it was sent in the actual box that the thing came in! Like you would pick up and take to the check out lane at Target. Strange, because we usually tell each other when we orders things, but whatever.

So I text him at work: Your air purifier is here! He texts back: What? I text him: Your air purifier... He texts back: You mean fan? I text him: Oh, I guess it is a fan, it looks like an air purifier! He texts back: Happy Birthday!

Well, another birthday surprise out the door!! But I'm ecstatic to get a fan. Like I've said, my body is like the furnace. I'm always hot, sweating, and poor Jeff is under a blanket! Our bedroom is the absolutely hottest room in the house, so while I'm sleeping with no covers on, Jeff's under 2 I put the fan in the bedroom and it's great!!!

Ruined birthday surprise #3:
I've been harassing Jeff about getting a video camera for Jack. He's been dragging his feet and I've been so frustrated with him! I want to video Jack and I didn't understand why he was not wanting to video our child!!

He has all of these videos from when he was little, and they're so fun to watch. He even has some of him, his brother, and cousins doing a news cast! His cousin, Erin, was the anchor, his other cousin, Grant, did the commercials, his brother, Andy, did sports, and of course, he did the weather. They're hilarious to watch! They have videos of Christmas, birthdays, and they're hysterical! One of my favorites is when he opened his teal, black and pink wind suit! Does it get better than that? He didn't think so at the time!!

Anyways, I've been harassing him. Yesterday, I was getting mad. I mean, Jack could be here any minute and we won't have a video camera to see his first everything! I was in the middle of forcing him to sit down at the computer so we could look at video cameras and just order one, when he finally says, "I'm getting you one for your birthday!"



Kristi said...

Awe. lol! That's too funny! Have a fantastic birthday!