The other day, we were driving around, running errands, and we look in the rear facing mirror to see Jack was in his cute little car seat, forcibly shoving a burp cloth in his mouth. With that in mind, we decided it was time to introduce Jack to his lovie. What's great about this part of being a parent is that you can dress them however you like, take them wherever you like, talk to them however you like, and they don't say much about it! Same with the lovie!

Jack has received many lovies as gifts, and I'm pretty sure we'll go through all of them at some point, but this time, Jeff and I get to choose which one he'll love first! It's kinda a lot of pressure. If he's like his aunt, he'll lug that thing around with him until he's 25! Hopefully not...it seems like with girls, that's acceptable, but boys? Not so much. At all. The lovie fairy will have to make a visit, much like the pacifier fairy visited our house about 28 years ago...and with Jack's love affair with his paci, I'm thinking the pacifier fairy might once again find her way to my house!

Anyways, we chose this adorable owl lovie and our good friends gave Jack. Sooooo cute!