Cooking' it Up!

In the past 5 years, I have signed us up for 3 different cooking classes at Central Market. The two classes before...didn't happen. The first time there was a big storm system coming in and Jeff ended up having to go to work. The second time, we got an invite to a last minute birthday party. So, Central Market owed me! Both times, I didn't cancel in time to get any of my money back! This time, I crossed my fingers that nothing would come up and promised myself I'd cancel before we lost our money, and as luck would have it, we made it to the class!

And we had so much fun!!! We got there a little late and almost didn't get to sit together. To which Jeff says, "Well, I'm just leaving if we don't get to sit together!" Thankfully, a man who came by himself and had an extra seat next to him heard Jeff and offered to move. Sweet!

The class was taught by Jon Bonnell, who owns a few restaurants in Fort Worth, and he was super nice and entertaining.

The theme was "Taste of the Big Easy" and was all about creole cooking, which I knew very little about.  Basically, what I know about it now, is that they use a lot...and I mean a LOT of butter!  I probably ate a stick of butter last night.  Yummy!  Eating healthy be damned!  I enjoyed every last tablespoon of it.  Jeff spent a few years working in Shreveport and loves creole food, and Jon didn't disappoint.

He started with a super yummy crab cake, then a sausage stuffed pork tenderloin, followed by some delicious shrimp, smoked beef tenderloin, and bananas foster for dessert.  The best part, by far, was the shrimp.  Half of my stick of butter came from that dish.  The shrimp were super tender and the sauce...I could have drank it in a glass! 

Someone cooking for you while you watch, sip on wine, and listen to him tell stories about Mardi Gras and such...doesn't get much better than that!!


Beth Wooten said...

My friend! I see him at Central Market every once in awhile, and it's awkward. I don't think he remembers where he knows me from. (Do you remember when he tried to set me up with his 40 yr old cousin? Oy.)

Molly said...

i thought about you the whole time! i almost got him to autograph something for you...i thought it would be funny. :)