Two more things I've learned

since becoming a mom. 

It used to REALLY bug me when I would see random shopping carts sprinkled all over the Target parking lot.  I mean, surely you can take your cart and put it where it belongs.  Not that hard, people!  Well, it is that hard when you have a baby.  The choices are, leave the cart in the parking lot or leave my baby in the car and truck across the parking lot to put the cart away.  I try my hardest to park close to one of the cart drop off thingies, but sometimes I forget!  And every once in a while, my moral thinking kicks in hard and if I spot a drop off semi close, I'll make a dash for it and put the cart away.  But making sure Jack is not snatched is much more important to me than taking my cart to the drop off spot.  So, moral of the story, don't  judge people who leave the carts in the Target parking lot, or you might just be judging me!

I used to take so much pride in taking my cute reusable grocery bags to Target to save myself a lofty $0.20 and not to mention the PLANET!!!!!  Come on, guys, why in the world you chance getting that one lady who puts a maximum of 3 things in each bag, leaving you to walk out of Target with a at least 27 plastic grocery bags!  Well, now I am that person.  Since Jack's been around, I'm lucky if I can make it out of the house with out forgetting my wallet, and remembering to snag my reusable bags is just a brief afterthought once I'm crossing I35.  To which I say, "Oh well," and realize that I now have to take responsiblilty for global warming, the killing of the dolphins, and many other various assundry things that I saw on the news but can't remember right now.