It's Monday!

Well, one week down, many many more to go!

Work out report:

I braved the freezing cold and went walking with some girlfriends on Tuesday, which was nice! Jack went along and was relatively happy...I took off the top shade last time we took the stroller to the mall and forgot to snap it back on before we left for our walk. I think he would have been happy the whole time if the sun wasn't blazing in his poor little eyes for half of the walk!!

Skipped the gym on Wednesday for some fellowship with other moms from my church, which was well worth it. I invited over 6 moms with babies between the age of 2 weeks and 8 months! It was so fun and such a blessing to be surrounded by ladies who are right where I am. And such a blessing to talk freely about poop and which diapers catch it best, breastfeeding successes and failures, excitement about the next baby milestones and what it's like to learn to be a daughter, sister, wife and mother all at the same time. Anyways, didn't make it to the gym, but oh well! Priorities, people!

I did spend some quality time with the elliptical and treadmill on Thursday and actually kinda enjoyed it! I'm writing this down so I can remember saying "I had a good time at the gym!" I seriously did. It felt really good to work out!!! I do remember this feeling from being a gym rat before. The build up and actually getting dressed and driving to they gym is TORTURE but once I'm there, it feels really good! Go figure.

I did a great job on my eating, too! I scaled back to a 1350 calorie goal and did quite well! Whenever Jeff and I are really making an effort to eat well, we designate one day to be a "trash" day where there are no calories counted and you can basically eat anything and everything you want! It's wonderful. And by the end of the day, you want to puke and remember why you need to eat healthy! So, Saturday was trash day which was very yummy...

And, I started off this week well with my first swim!

Watch out, world! I'm getting in shape!


susan said...

Congratulations on a great week of working out, eating right, bonding with friends, and yes, even allowing for "trash days"! I just wish some of your zeal would rub off on me!!!