Time to report in!

Ok, last week was a good one, a little harder, but that's to be expected. The newness is gone, it's not quite as fun to not eat the whole bag of Cheeto's. I did buy baked ones...and the Flamin' Hot ones, which truly do help with portion control. See, once you're done with one serving of the Flamin' Hot Cheeto's, your mouth is on fire and there's no possible way you'd want to eat more. See how that works?

So, I went to the gym twice...once to swim and I have to admit, I forgot how much energy it takes to swim! I was TIRED half way through my planned workout! So, I didn't quite make it to the end. Oh well, better than nothing, right? And at the Y, it's a little awkward to get from the locker room to the pool. At my other gym, the locker room was attached to the pool so it was easy! Here, you put on your bathing suit and walk down the hall into the basketball gym to get on an elevator and it takes you down to the pool. A little awkward when there is a big ole' basketball game going on.

My second day at the gym was the elliptical and treadmill. Not too bad! My goal this week is to go a little further on both. Only problem is that I'm tracking the "how much time I have left" pretty much constantly at this point. We'll see how that goal goes.

Eating was super good. I found this amazing app for my iphone that I can count my calories on (I'm so far from OCD but I LOVE this amazing way to track my food) and it's just the best thing ever. It's called myfittnesspal and it has a database of a ton of food, like it even has I Can't Believe it's Not Butter in it! Yes, I know I Can't Believe it's Not Butter is not butter because it's full of chemicals, but a girl's got to do what a girls got to do when she's trying to loose a small child worth of weight! You can also track your work outs and it gives you a few extra calories for the ones you burn for the day. I heart it. So, eating was great, loved my trash day, which consisted of a grilled cheese from Mimi's (oh-em-gee, they are amazing) and Pei Wei for dinner. Yum!

I will say, getting to the gym with a small child to work around is not easy. It's not easy and I even have a husband who is home from work around 11am! So, I'm learning I'll have to be flexible on the whole 3 times to the gym for the week.

Over all, great week! Woohoo!

And PS, I will not be weighing myself for a month or's too painful to deny myself gorging on the whole bag of Cheeto's only to see that it only lost me a half a pound this week. I like big results...and that means waiting quite a while to weigh in! Jus in case you were wondering...


ally007 said...

hooray for week #2 under your belt. For the record, I think swimming is one of the hardest workouts ever. Way to go!