Drool Monster


One thing motherhood continues to teach me is...don't judge other moms!! Good Lord. I never knew how many things I had an opinion on until I've been forced to change so many of them!

Until about 2 weeks ago, I hated it when babies randomly wore bibs. They're not eating anything, why do they need a bib? I was even secretly annoyed when people gave me small bibs as baby gifts. Why? They're only using a bottle! Who needs a bib when you're just taking a bottle?

Well, my son does. He leaks more than any running faucet. It's out of control. So, the choice is, slap a bib on that baby, or change his clothes 900 times a day. Obviously, I busted out the small bibs that I'd stored away to regift, and he's had one on pretty much constantly lately.

I mean, check out this tummy time drool!! It is literally out of control.

And these are just too cute not to share!!

So, touche, moms everywhere. And sorry for the judging!