Super Exciting Home Renovations!!

So, I absolutely LOVE my house.  It is perfect for us and my husband is such a rockstar that he encourages me to do whatever I want...and always tells me he loves it!  And not only tells me he loves it, helps do it!  He's great. 

Anyways, like I said I love my house.  But I wish I could pick a kitchen out of one of those home and garden magazines and plop it down on top of mine.  My kitchen is straight out of 1950.  Yellow tiled counter tops, crazy flourescent lights, sturdy pine cabinets with ancient hinges and pulls, and a monsterous oven that I'm finally beginning to fall in love with.  We knew that the kitchen was the one place we'd really need to do some updating, and I'm beyond excited that now is the time!!! 

Tomorrow our electrician is coming to put in some recessed lights (I'm beyond excited) and Monday, the painter comes to get busy on the cabinets! 

We talked a lot about replacing them, but these cabinets are actually amazing custom cabinets.  All of the bottom cabinets have pull out shelves or racks, and all of the shelves are super adjustable.  And knowing us, we'd be replacing them with the cheapest thing we could find...all in the name of updating the kitchen.  After doing our research and pricing things, we decided that really, the best thing would be just to paint the mothers and put some new hardware on, which has been super fun to plan.  So tonight I'll post the before pictures.  Next week, I'll post the after...woohoo!!

My dark kitchen.  And yes, it looks completely cluttered and messy....shoot!

Yeah, check out those thank you!!!

My lovely double oven!  Yes, that fixture will be staying put!
My lovely ancient hardware.  Buh-buy!
My sweet custom cabinets.  They'll look so great white!


Kristi said...

That's awesome Molly. I'm so excited for you guys. I'm glad you decided to just paint them because they are really cool and look like they provide tons of storage. Can't wait to see the 'after' photo.

Beth Wooten said...

Those do look like practical and good quality cabinets, and I like white cabinets best anyway. I'm really excited to see the after pics!