Monday Again

Last week was not my best any means. 

To start off with, I was sick and I hate working out when I'm sick.  I mean, who likes it?  So my working out was limited to a walk on Tuesday and a swim on Friday.  Not the best, I know. 

Speaking of my swim on Friday, let me tell you a little more about swimming at the YMCA.  Each time I've been lately, there has been a water aerobics class going on.  The class is called the Silver basically it's a bunch of old ladies splashing around, wearing their shower caps and absolutely loving it!  Last week, I got there while the Aqua Fit class was going on.  All of the Silver Swimmers were there waiting...and the class didn't start for a good 45 minutes!  They were just hanging out around the pool, chatting it up!  It was funny.  On Friday there was one other person below the age of 65 and as I rested for my 12 breaths at the end of the pool, he commented on how remarkable it is that they are able to make the Y look exactally like a retirement home in Florida!  Classic.

Eating wasn't too good this week either.  The afore mentioned cooking class kicked off my trash days.  Yes, trash days, plural.  Unfortunately, trash day lasted from about Thursday night until Sunday night.  Not too good for the healthy lifestyle I'm trying to create!! 

Oh well, a new week, a new start!  I'm off on a walk this afternoon and to the Y tomorrow!  Wish me luck!