I eat peas with honey...

I've done it all my life
I know it may sound funny
But it keeps them on my knife!

My 3rd grade music teacher was a huge fan (and perhaps the author?) of this little ditty...and you're only saying it right if you use an extreme East Texas accent.  Especially on the long "I"s. 

I can't help think of this crazy song every time peas come up.  No, it's not often that they do, but they did this week when Jack had his first bite of peas!  And hated them.  Seriously.  Hated them.  And I can't say I blame him.  They smell absolutely horrid!  His cute little face was repulsed and he kept gagging!  I couldn't do it.  I couldn't make the poor boy eat them. 

He loves sweet potatos, he loves carrots, he loves squash!  He'll eat an entire jar of each one of these and still be wanting more.  But with the peas, he hated them so much that even when I went to switch it out for a jar of sweet potatos, he didn't trust me to stick to it and would...not...open...his...mouth!  He wouldn't do it. 

Oh well.  What can I say...I hate peas, too!


Carter said...

Peas and honey! Yes! I sing it to Carter every once in awhile, and he thinks I'm crazy, but it's catchy, right? His favorite is the rice and gravy song. Why do I know so many nonsensical songs about food?

Carter said...

Whoops. I was logged in as Carter... but it's me. Beth.

Molly said...

i figured it was you...and hoping carter didn't sing the song and use first person to talk about it!