It's snowing...again!

And this time was much more of an adventure!  12.5 inches of snow!!!!

To kick off the exciting snow fall, our electricity was off for 2 days.  Good times!  Randomly enough, our sweet neighbor, Wacel, still had electricity so we spent part of the day at her house!  She even fixed us potato soup.  Wonderful to have such great neighbors!!  We snuggled by the fire for one night but the next we were were off to Nana and Papaw's house for bedtime. 

Jeff and I snuck outside while Jack was napping to prove to ourselves that we are truly not pro's at making snowmen...this one might look ok, but it definitely toppled over after we snapped the last picture!

And we decided to take a few more Bumpo snow pictures!  Doesn't Jack look excited about it?  He kinda looks like he wants to beat you up in this one...
And here, he reminds me of the little brother in A Christmas Story who is so bundled up that he can't move...

Jack and Vincent love Valentine's Day.  How cute are they?