Oh, gym, why do you elude me so?

I made it once last week.  It was a good workout, filled with old people in showercaps and speedos!  Hoping for more this week...we'll see. 

Eating was really good!  I told Jeff, Monday I'm great!  Tuesday and Wednesday, still really good.  Thursday...willing to fudge a little bit.  Friday?  I still have somewhat of a conscience on Friday during the day, but it's dinner out!  So there's that!  Saturday and Sunday are pretty much "Oh well"  days with a touch of "Oh, I better not eat that" here and there.  Monday, it's back on track big time! seems like it's working!  7lb lost!  Woo hoo!!! 

That just truly lets me know how much crap I was eating prior to January 1...


susan said...

Congrats on the weight loss...! You look really good!

Molly said...

thanks, susan! and with my new tap class, it will be more like 12 lbs next month, right? :)