My kitchen is looking awesome...

I'm so excited.  It's actually happening!  My kitchen is coming out of the 1950's! 

Friday we had Steve the electrician come to do the lights.  Of course, it would be too easy for the lights to just be perfect fit.  Not a big deal, but we had to take the lights we'd gotten back to Home Depot and exchange them for some slighely different, so the electrician guys came back on Saturday to finish...and I love it!  The lighting alone has made a HUGE difference in the kitchen!  Aren't the grey tinged boxes on the ceiling pretty?  :)

The painters started yesterday and about half way through the disassembling of the cabinet doors and hardware, he commented that we sure did have a lot of cabinets in our kitchen!  Um, yes.  Yes we do.  That's why it looks like a Target kitchen section exploded all over my den and diningroom.

Anyways, they started painting today and it's going great! I already love it. 

They took all of the cabinet doors out to the back house to work on them.  If I weren't so cold I'd head back there to take a peek and snap a pic.  But it's cold and dark and honestly, the back house kinda scares me when it's daytime...

Steve the painter has done a great job of labeling the doors, drawers, and various assundry things.  A lot of little random things hold this kitchen together!

And in all of the taking down, he found this. 

I knew these cabinets had to be one of a kind!

I'm already in love with my new kitchen!


Grammy/Mom said...

It looks so GREAT! I can hardly wait to see it tomorrow - and Jack too!

Beth Wooten said...

It looks great already!

ally007 said...

wow!! what an exciting time in your domestic life. i CANNOT wait to see this. hope you're hanging in there with your kitchen living in your dining room.